You can plan all your questions for the film makers.

Yannick Jozefoon (NL)

Actor Yannick Jozefoon guest at Zara and the magical kicks.

Julia Schellekens (NL)

Producer Julia Schellekens guest at Zara and the magical kicks.

Laurent Rigaud (FR)

Musician Laurent Rigaud guest at The smallest ciné-concert.

Mirjam Marks (NL)

Producer Mirjam Marks guest at Zara and the magical kicks.

Laurent Bernard (FR)

Musician Laurent Bernard guest at The smallest ciné-concert.

Dempsey Hendrickx (BE)

Actor Dempsey Hendrickx guest at Award ceremony + best short films.

Wolfgang Tschauko (AT)

Game developer Wolfgang Tschauko of VR Giants will be attending the opening! 

Tiril Marie Høistad Berger (NO)

Actor Tiril Marie Høistad Berger guest at Los Bando

Mohanad Mukhtar (BE)

Actor Mohanad Mukhtar guest at Happy together.

Arild Tryggestad (NO)

Scriptwriter Arild Tryggestad guest at Los Bando

Marie De Hert (BE)

Producer Marie De Hert guest at Happy together.

Maria Blom (SE)

Director Maria Blom guest at Monky.

Ellen Pollard (BE)

Producer Ellen Pollard guest at Happy together.

Frida Hallgren (SE)

Actor Frida Hallgren guest at Monky

Gusta (BE)

Acteur Gusta guest at Happy together.

Aiko Beemsterboer (NL)

Actor Aiko Beemsterboer guest at Fight girl.

Chris (BE)

Actor Christ guest at Happy together.

Johan Timmers (NL)

Director Johan Timmers guest at Fight girl.

Maurits (BE)

Actor Maurits guest at Happy together.

Hilde De Baerdemaeker (BE)

Actor Hilde De Baerdemaker guest at Fight Girl.

Kato De Boeck (BE)

Director Kato De Boeck guest at Provence.

Dries Van Cauwenbergh (BE)

Voice actor Dries van Cauwenbergh guest atThe big bad fox.

Mark Verkerk (NL)

Director Mark Verkerk guest at Wild Amsterdam.

Jan Goossen (BE)

Visual effects artist Jan Goossen guest at Captain Morten and the spider queen

Majd Khalifeh (BE)

Director Majd Khalifeh guest at What happened in the tent.

Frederike Migom (BE)

Director Frederike Migom guest at Binti.

Mo Bakker (BE)

Actor Mo Bakker guest at Binti.

Roel Nollet (BE)

Director Roel Nollet guest at What happened in the tent.

Aboubakr Bensaihi (BE)

Actor Aboubakr Bensaih guest at Binti.

Marko Manojlovic (RS)

Scriptwriter Marko Manojlovic guest at The witch hunters.

Jeff Theys (BE)

Director Jeff Theys of Shenanigans guest at Student competiton. 

Martijn Blekendaal (NL)

© Finbarr Willbrink

Director Martijn Blekendaal guest at The man who looked beyond the horizon.

Thimothée Crabbée (BE)

Director Thimothée Crabbe of Pantin guest at the Student competition

Daphne Wellens (BE)

Actor Daphne Wellens guest at Super furball.

Gert-Jan Verdeyen (BE)

Director Gert-Jan Verdeyen of I see what you don't see guest at the Student competition

Evelien Bosmans (BE)

Actor Evelien Bosmans guest at Super furball.

Aagje Vandamme (BE)

Director Aagje Van Damme of Dear son guest at the Student competition

Claus Räfle (DE)

Director Claus Räffle guest at The invisibles.

Angela Alsouliman (BE)

Director Angela Alsouliman of CHEERS! guest at the Student competition

Janne Janssens (BE)

Director Janne Janssens of My label guest at the Student competition.

Dayo Clinckspoor (BE)

Director Dayo Clinckspoor of Ghent, the 25th of May 2018 guest at the Student competition

Liz Heijnemans (NL)

Actor Liz Heijnemans guest at Zara and the magical kicks.

Mathijs Dekyvere (BE)

Director Mathijs Dekyvere guest at The sun is a quirky god.

Amine Amajaoud (NL)

Actor Amine Amajaoud guest at Zara and the magical kicks.

Abdulsammad El Mourabet (NL)

Actor Abdulsammad El Mourabet guest at Zara and the magical kicks.

Tuur De Baere (BE)

Actor Tuur De Baere guest at The sun is a quirky god.

Morgane Eyletten (BE)

YouTuber Morgane Eyletten guest at Binti vlog talks.

Junes Callaert (BE)

Actor Junes Callaert guest at Binti vlog talks.

Salahdine Ibnou Kacemi (BE)

Salahdine Ibnou Kacemi guest at Binti vlog talks.