Ticket info


The JEF festival is held al over Flanders. Below you can find all the ticket info per location. 

Ticket desk: you can buy tickets 30 min. before the film on all locations.
Attention: There is no possibility to pay by card on our locations in Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent (Studio Skoop). In Antwerp and Bruges you can pay with the Bancontact app. 
Green tip: in Antwerp and Bruges we can scan your ticket from your Smartphone! No need to print it out. 

Ticket info by location

  • Antwerp

Film: €7 / €4 (EcoHuis + reduced rate*)
*Reduced rate: A-kaart with reduced rates & groups of socio-cultural organisations (reserve tickets through mail, telephone or at the ticket counter during the festival)
Medialab: €3 or free with your filmticket
Masterclass/workshop: €10 / €5 (EcoHuis Antwerp) per half day

Tickets Antwerp (Zuiderpershuis)

  • Bruges

Film: €7 / €4 (reduced rate*)
*Reduced rate:  groups of socio-cultural organisations (reserve tickets through mail, telephone or at the ticket counter during the festival)
Masterclass/workshop: €10 per half day
Gamelab: free

Tickets Bruges

  • Courtrai

Film: €6,5 / €1,3 (UiTPAS reduced rate)
Medialab: free

Tickets Courtrai

  • Ghent

Film: €7,5 / €1,9 (UiTPAS)

Tickets Sphinx cinema

Studio Skoop
Film: €7  / €1,9 (UiTPAS: reserve by telephone or at ticket desk during festival)

Tickets Studio Skoop

  • Strombeek-Bever

Film: €6 
Medialab: free

Masterclass/workshop: €9 (film + workshop The big bad fox)

Filmstrip: 6 tickets for €30

Tickets Strombeek-Bever

  • Roeselare

Film + workshops: €7 / €3,5 (reduced rate) 
Gamelab: free

Tickets De Spil