During the JEF festival a lot of prizes will be awarded in different competitions. There are three main competitions, in which each jury selects their favourite films.

On the left you can find a summary of each competition with their respective awards and jury's.

Palmares 2019

Professional jury (ECFA Jury):

  • Best feature film: Binti by Frederike Migom (Belgium, 2019)

"The professional jury chooses this extraordinary film because of the powerful story that was written from a children’s perspective. The film is particularly relevant these days, not only because of the element 'vlogging' but also because of the issue of the sans papiers. This dramatic element is linked to a positive message. Values that are of great importance to children are strongly put up front in this film; the desire for a home, the power of friendship, but also the will power of children. With energy and commitment you can have an impact on this world, even as a child. Strong performances - full of joy - in a cleverly portrayed story."

  • Best Short Film: Link by Robert Löbel (Germany, 2017)

"The professional jury chose Link, because of the powerful emotion that is generated by a relatively simple storyline and a beautiful animation style, in which the balance between attracting and letting go is very literally portrayed and at the same time a rich imagination is set in motion. Are the figures symbols for a larger movement, do they express a relationship? Funny interludes lend the film its cheerful tone. The absurdity and our incomprehension contrast with the characters who experience their world as perfectly logical. All this makes Link a unique film. Being connected, not being connected, near and far… we pay tribute to a film full of wonder."

  • Beste Short Documentary: Listen by Astrid Bussink (The Netherlands, 2018)

"The jury chose Listen, because the importance of the telephone helpline for children is portrayed in this documentary in a poignant and subtle way. Four telephone calls to the helpline come to life, sketchily illustrated by images. These images allow the audience the freedom to individually interpret the conversations, which increases the level of imagination and identification with the callers. The pain caused by a divorce, a child coming out of the closet, loneliness, the restlessness of an asylum seeker, ... all these stories, told by children, make clear to the audience that they are not alone with their big problems and that talking can help to set things in motion. At the same time, there are challenges for parents and adults, like: be a better listener!”

Children’s Jury:

  • Best Feature Film: Fight girl by Johan Timmers (The Netherlands, 2018)

"The film is about a girl who learns to do kickboxing in which she can release all her feelings. This film deals with a wide range of emotions. An exciting film that often brings you on the edge of your seat."

  • Best Short Film: Catastrophe by Jamilla Van Wijngaarden (The Netherlands, 2017)

"A funny film that tells us - short and sweet - an entertaining story. The film is wrapped up in a cute and beautiful way."

  • Best Short Documentary: The man who looked beyond the horizon by Martijn Blekendaal (The Netherlands, 2018)

"An original and intriguing research that contains a beautiful message. The film actively involves the audience in the viewing experience. Not a traditional documentary, but one that stole the heart of many people."

  • Best Medialab Installation: VR giants

"Imagine yourself in the position of a giant. Only cooperation can make this game work. Through your VR glasses, you end up in a different world that you can explore entirely."

JEF in the hospital:

• Best Short Film: Bei mir bist du schön by Bouwine Pool (The Netherlands, 2017)

Audience Award:

• Best Feature Film: Fight girl by Johan Timmers (The Netherlands, 2018)

Student Competition Award

Shenanigans by Jeff Theys (Belgium, 2018)

• Special mention: CHEERS! by Angela Alsouliman (Belgium, 2018)

JEF makersjury: 

  • Mini: Maanpoes van Violette Vergult
  • Maxi: Spacepost van Noor Alleweireldt
  • Publieksprijs: Yesterland van Elijah Verdonck